Massage therapy can help!

Massage therapy can help people of all ages and can treat a variety of conditions. These are the techniques and services Melissa uses to help you feel at your best.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is widely practised throughout the world. It is a treatment using mild, moderate, or deeper pressure to help relax the body and decrease tension. The manipulation of the soft tissue of the body has numerous benefits such as increasing circulation, decreasing pain, promoting healing and overall health and wellness.

Swedish massage can have a relaxation focus and it can also have a therapeutic focus such as deep tissue, trigger point therapy, and myofascial release.

Therapist applying pressure with thumb on calf muscle.
Deep Tissue/Sports Massage

Deep tissue massage is similar to Swedish massage but the pressure is usually deeper and can be more intense and with a specific focus. It can help with injuries as well as chronic problems such as sports injuries, postural concerns, scar tissue and adhesions, as well as chronic muscle pain and tightness.

Woman with cupping treatment on back

Cupping is an ancient form of Traditional Chinese Medicine dating back 5,000 years. Glass, plastic, or silicone cups are placed on areas of the body and air is taken out of the cup to create a vacuum or suction. The cups can either stay stationary or can be moved around. Blood is drawn up into the tissue, which increases circulation and loosens the fascia to help stimulate healing. Cupping is a fantastic way to help feel looser for longer, remove stagnation, help with chronic tightness and pain, promote healing, and decrease scar tissue.

Hot Stone Massage
Hot Stone Massage

The stones used during the massage are smooth and polished and made of basalt. These stones are heated in water and the high iron content in basalt helps the stones retain heat during the massage.

The heat from the stones during the massage can help to decrease chronic muscle tightness and helps to increase the body’s circulation.

A hot stone massage is a great way to help increase overall relaxation and decrease stress and anxiety.

kinesio taping on muscles of calf
Kinesio Taping

Kinesio taping is a rehabilitative taping technique that allows the body’s natural healing to take place and provide support and stability to the muscles and joints without restricting range of motion.

The tape is latex-free, hypoallergenic, and can be worn for numerous days. Kinesio taping can be used as preventative maintenance, to reduce swelling, and to reduce pain. It works by lifting the skin to allow blood flow to get to an injured area and also by moving fluid from areas that have swelling.

Because the tape is the same thickness and elasticity of skin, normal movement can take place without any restrictions.

Torso of pregnant woman with backache
Pre & Postnatal Massage

Massage therapy can be very helpful for the stress, discomfort, and changes women go through during pregnancy.

The benefits of massage during pregnancy include a decrease of stress and anxiety, decrease of swelling, helps with sciatic and lower back pain, increases circulation, and decreases pain due to postural changes.

Infant massage
Infant Massage Classes

Classes are designed to give parents and guardians the skills and confidence to perform a massage on their infant.

There are many benefits of massaging your baby including, but not limited to: helping to promote bonding and attachment, can help with brain development in premature babies, helps to reduce colic and fussiness, helps promote regular sleeping patterns, can also help with moms postpartum depression.